Utilicom and our solutions and services

Whilst we appreciate the ‘here and now’ is important to any business, we also understand the need to be forward thinking, particularly with those businesses that are actively looking to grow their operations.

We want to refresh the industry and change the way our services are offered – we don’t baffle our clients with technology and tech jargon, instead our approach is to explain the solutions simply.

At Utilicom we do things differently

In addition, the support you can expect to receive as part of your monthly package with Utilicom, includes:

  • System administration
  • System monitoring and reporting
  • Performance testing
  • Security and compliance management
  • Backup
  • File recovery
  • Connecting people safely, reducing risk
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Access to our team of technicians/experts
  • Typically, a cost saving of up to 30% for small to medium sized businesses
  • For larger business that have an in-house provision Utilicom’s team can support them and provide expert advice and an independent procurement service