Data Hosting

Many of our larger clients, some of which are big multi-nationals, are managing highly sensitive data across 24/7 operations.

Their services are built around ‘on demand’ access, the ability to provide their customers with support when they want it, any time day or night.

That means that as well as first-class IT solutions ‘on site’, they also must have external back-ups in place – a contingency plan if there was a security breach or a system glitch.

Data centre hosting gives our clients the peace of mind that the support is there if they need to draw on external functions to continue to operate.

On Demand

Our solutions provide you with the support you need when you want it allowing you a flexible service from an accessible system.

First Class Solutions

Store your business critical information in our fully managed data centre for added security from an off-site provision.

External Back-Ups

Using an external back up increases your operating capacity, increases your storage capacity and speeds up performance whilst providing added protection.

Data Centre

Our off-site data centre provides advanced capabilities in security and compliance and provides protection from on-site threats.