Fleet Tracking

Drawing on our vast network of experts, Utilicom offers fleet tracking services which enable you to track your vehicles in real time, from any device, via the Internet.

The programme means you can locate your vehicles 24/7, follow them with Google maps and monitor their daily activity.

Features of fleet tracking include:

  • Driver timesheets
  • Driving styles and alerts
  • Fleet management tools
  • Dashcam integration

Driver Timesheets

See driver start and end times and locations, view activity by specific dates and receive generated reports for each vehicle.


Monitor how well your drivers are performing on the roads, reviewing things like speed, breaking patterns and acceleration.

Fleet Management Tools

Improve vehicle operation and usage, for example you can see if any of your fleet of vehicles are being underused or if there are inspections due on any of the vehicles.

Monthly Reports

You’ll also receive alerts throughout the month allowing you to track performance and improve operations.